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However, sometimes they can be preoccupied with other goals and responsibilities. They will probably make sure to have weekly sex as long as it doesn't get in the way of their ambition. Virgos are unsung heroes in the bedroom. This is because not only are they consistent with rules, planning and the specifics of life, they also love to prove themselves and their skills. Virgos like sex and they're good at it — like they are at most things.

Leo and Libra Love Compatibility

And much like other earth signs, they like showing off how good they are at said things. Virgos work with the partners present in their life, so if their partner is down to clown every day — so are they. However, if they can have sex twice a week, you know they will give it everything they've got. Libras are the most flamboyant babes of the zodiac. Not only are they magnetic and artistic, when they want something they don't hide it. In this vein, Libras love to be appreciated, and they're no stranger to pleasure.

They likely masturbate quite often and, if they deem a person appreciative of all they have to offer, will likely invite them into their bed a few times a week. The stereotypes are true: Scorpios are mad sexual. Given the option and an equally matched sexual partner, Scorpios would likely never leave their bedroom, and they probably don't on weekends. During the week Scorpios likely, grudgingly, commit themselves to other priorities out of necessity.

But in all likelihood, it's fine to assume that they're interested in sex around the clock. Sagittarians can be wayward individuals.

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Full of thoughts, independent spirit, and a need to pave the way for themselves — sex isn't a necessity in their daily lives. That being said, when they find someone they are compatible with intellectually, spiritually, and sexually — they will not forgo the chance to have amazing sex. They're an extremely all-or-nothing sign, and whoever is lucky enough to be their partner would tend to agree.

Capricorns, a classic earth sign, are very rigid about schedules and rules, and aware of what they should or shouldn't be doing. As a result, things can be challenging for them when it comes to sex because it's often hard for them to be both flexible and meet their high expectations of themselves. Capricorns are interested in sex, and definitely have wants and needs, but getting themselves to loosen up and let people in can be difficult.

As a result, they likely schedule frequent masturbation and, when they have a good partner, are likely to plan their sex lives in great detail. Aquarians are challenging to understand at times. As air signs, they often feel a distance from others, and the way to overcome that distance can be a challenge.


As a result, it can be hard for Aquarians to have relationships that are in sync romantically, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Aquarians may not have sex super often, but not for lack of wanting. Whereas, when it comes to a relationship with the other, you have a lot more interpersonal skills. It is that the Descendant in Libra could be seen as an ideal: you instinctively know how to make the proper room and leave aside the more raw aspects of stripping your nature. Moreover, it is also the combination that brings us into the second half of the zodiac Libra is the seventh sign out of 12 , which implies a higher consciousness and maturity than the first six signs of the zodiac the latter having more freshness and spontaneity for them.

If you do not know your astrological descendant, use our application " Calculate your descendant " by entering your date of birth. As expected, you know how to tame your fiery nature as soon as you want to make a contact. It's as if you have an innate knowledge of what the other expects of you. So, you are particularly adaptable: able to flatter or encourage the best part when you start to build the foundation of a relationship.

You also know how to make the other understand that you need them, that he or she has their place. The approach is therefore gentle, either because you decide so, or because you are attracted to people who have these qualities of weight and balance. They seem to complement perfectly the ardor of your Ascendant, which is under the thumb of Mars By taking a little height, you will admit that you admire, above all, people who are radically different from you, who are complementary to you.

Sometimes, by mimicry, you copy this attitude, so elegant, so civilized.

Bring Love on for the Libra Man

In any case, when it comes to partnership or marriage, you need total harmony. You dream to hear yourself on all fronts and to know no conflict. You do everything in your power to avoid them.

Leo and Libra Compatibility

As a result, you erase aspects of your personality that are not as smooth as desired. Love is a big deal, with this position. From a very young age, you dream to meet your other half, the one who will know how to share everything.

So you are rather demanding, but not suspicious. You often fall in love with those who seem to you endowed with Venusian qualities. Once in love, you respect all the little rituals: Valentine's Day and especially, marriage. So they hide their gift, as many zodiac signs learn to suppress wrongly! All 12 zodiacs have lessons on matters of love. An Aquarius needs to accept their nature and go about critically thinking and turning over every rock for analysis.

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  • A Libra may help the Aquarius cut down on some of their crazier ideas while giving them the satisfaction of acting on others. The same goes for the Libra, who can come up with some wild ideas, both good and bad; as much as they love balance, I know plenty of Libras who are gamblers, addicts, and into just a lot of hardcore nonsense. I think Libra sometimes gives up on its nature and doesn't want to find the balance, the harmony, the fairness. Aquarius can be warm to Libra here as the Libra experiments with the world, giving it a nourishing direction as it tries to find balance.

    Both of these signs have strong flirtatious vibes. Aquarius is a never-ending font of eccentricity, originality, and curiosity. Libra is forever full of charm, sweetness, and charisma. But Aquarius may get annoyed with Libra if Libra fake-charms their way through something; Aquarius will beg you to be yourself, preferring that you be detached and honest than fake niceness. Libra is fascinating because it sits between Virgo and Scorpio, which in my opinion are total opposites. This is why Libra seeks balance and harmony.

    Astrology: The artful science behind zodiac compatibility and soulmated love.

    They sit between the super independent, hard-working, and overly cultivated Virgo and the ever so passionate, devotion-seeking, sarcastic, devilish Scorpio. Straddling these two worlds makes for a hell of a person. Libra has all the parts that attract Aquarius to Virgo and Scorpio, but without many of the downsides.

    Considering the Internet is full of information about Aquarius and Scorpio being attracted to each other, I think Aquarius would benefit and be happy if not happier with a Libra.

    Date of Birth

    A Libra may get confused by the Aquarius who is unpredictable because they are fully weird and fully normal. Most Libras that I know are not as good at hiding their "weird" behavior, but that's okay; Aquarius is often attracted to Libra precisely because of their fresh, oddball personalities. And I think Libra can't help but like Aquarius, who is also weird and unpredictable, but better at hiding it.

    This can be intoxicating for both signs. This combination can move through the world without having to dive into other parts that they might not understand as well—a Cancer can overwhelm an Aquarius with its emotions; a Virgo's crushing perfectionist mandate can scare Aquarius off; and a fire sign could force Aquarius to neglect their intuition and try too hard to assert their own inner fire, causing the Aquarius to collapse in on itself. Aquarius wants a friendship first. They don't understand why you would want to delve into a relationship too soon, and they may question how genuine you are being.

    Your descendant is Libra

    Libra and Aquarius relationships are great for the world. They see where things are falling short, ask pertinent questions about reality, and generally help the world mature. Both are in the latter half of the zodiac, making them mature, softer signs. This kind of relationship—whether as friends or lovers—can last for an incredibly long time. You two have plenty to learn from each other, and you have the type of personalities that allow you to continually access to that new knowledge. Together, you'll be able to overcome anything.

    Aquarius is the heart of winter; Libra is the beginning of autumn. They both can reflect on the real pressing matters of what is around them, often remembering that death is right around the corner.