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Meaning of Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga and Result of it
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In this case Mars gets NBY and will become a strong benefic as long as its strong in shadbal and has good aspects on it. Such a Mars will give initial pressures in its dasas but ultimately cause great strides in the life of the individual, especially related to the houses in rules — in this example 4th as well as 11th. VI Mridanga — When exalted planets or planets in their own sign sit in a Trikona or Kendra Bhaav, they cause great positive results related to the houses they rule and also their generic significations.

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VII Dhan Yogas — When the rulers of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th bhaavs combine with good dignity, they cause a Yoga which gives wealth. Another strong Dhan Yoga occurs when the 5th lord is in 5th and 11th lord in 11th, hence aspecting each other fully in great dignity. Even when lords exchange, the same occurs as long as the planets are in good dignity. IX Jamini Yogas — These are of many types. When these 2 lords combine, especially in a Trikona or Kendra house, a RajYoga results. The above are some of the very important positive combinations. Hundreds of other kinds exist and are important to know.

Astrology lesson 8: Astrology lesson 5: Yogas in Vedic Astrology (Raj yoga and Yoga karka planets)

However the above are absolutely crucial to know well for any astrologer. In part II of this article, I will cover some more positive as well as negative yogas to watch out for. Beyond that, the beginner is set with all necessary tools to start looking at horoscopes and we will look at some case studies of well known figures. Only if saturn is in the rashi of mars and mars in the rashi of saturn will this occur. What kind of yoga will it be if any?

And is it good or bad? Its called a Vipreet Raj yoga which means the cancellation of 2 negatives the effects are like a raj yoga but only after initial struggles and setbacks. Lord of 8th house mars in 12th house along with sun,mercury and venus. Does this create vipareet raj yog? Thank you. How about an exchange of Kendra and 11th lord? But still one is in debilitated sign and the other is neecha abhilashi one sign before debilitation. Also in your experience it has effect if two planets are in mutual kendras, such as 12th and 3th house?

Mr vivek can you please explain whether rahu and ketu can participate in firmation of vipreet rajyoga as lord of acquarious and scorpio respectively.

What does Raj Yoga in Birth Chart Signify?

Unless ofcourse they sit in these signs. Thanks mr vivek for ur elaborate answer. The context of Yogas and their results has changed much since the ancient times when these scriptures were written back then being rich meant having lots of animals, as an example. Now obviously it does not. Back then desh nikaala going out of the country was the worst punishment possible.

Now its something most people actually want etc. Along with yogas, one has to see the Duryogas which can cancel the good effects of most Good Yogas at times. Saturn transiting over the yoga area or trinal to the yoga area will also trigger a yoga in a horoscope.

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Thanks vivek ji for your kind reply.. Saturn in Aries and Mars in Libra? Saturn in Aries, Sun in Libra. Is this true? As far as my understanding goes, the words neecha bhanga is not separated from neech bhanga raja yoga. When there is a bhanga to the neecha, in itself forms a Raj Yoga.

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For example, vipareeta Raj Yoga. In VRY, only dushthanas are involved. In above article you have mentioned that, vipareeta raja yoga is a conjunction or mutual aspect of 2 dusthana lords in a dusthana house. Lagna is Karka, Saturn in 6th house and Mercury in 12 house, both are placed in dusthana houses aspecting each other, VRJ exists as per above rule, how ever Saturn is also receiving aspect from Jupiter from 10th house who is lord of 6th as well as 9th house. You have stated that planets involving in VRY should not be aspected by planets owing 2,5,9 houses how ever in this case, Saturn is receiving aspect from Jupiter benefic who is also the 6th lord, what are the effects in general?

Does VRY still exist in this scenario? VRY occurs in any house when 2 dusthan lords combine. What are the effects if the yoga is occurring in a dusthana house between 6th and 12 house forming Samasapthaka?

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If true, what if Mars is in Cancer? First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to you for taking some valuable time out of your life and maintaining this wonderful website. Your website is by far the most logical and well-reasoned one on this subject that I have seen and it is nothing short of a boon for beginners like me.

Now, regarding my doubt, in your explanation of Neech Bhanga Raja yoga, you have listed some conditions for the occurrence of the yoga. However, in some of the other literature explaining the yoga also indicate one other condition which you have not listed here i. It would be wonderful, if you could clarify whether your omission of this condition was intentional and if so, the reason for the same.

Hi Pratheek thanks for the kind words. The omission indeed was intentional. I wrote down the points I feel are valid after my own research over the last 2 decades. Now that is not to say that what is mentioned in scriptures is incorrect etc. All I am implying is that my research has not shown the same.

Also if moon is in a kendra position here, then neecha bhang will be complete, else partial. So, if the moon is in a kendra in this case, it would lead to complete neecha bhanga, but no neecha bhanga rajayoga, yes? Example, Mars in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn. Please opine. Regarding parivarthana yoga, does exchanging the properties mean nature of the planet changes or does it mean they behave like they are in their own sign, or both. For example, if Me and Sa exchange in house Virgo ascendant do you analyze the chart. Mercury or Saturn in 6th house is usually good but I am trying to understand how Saturn in 1 house would behave?

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More like Mercury in first house or more like Saturn the owner of 5th and 6th house with more power towards the 6th house activities as this where exchange happens. General Nature of no planet ever changes, regardless of its placement or yogas Functional Nature of planets change as per rulerships, placements, aspects, yogas and strengths etc. Does that mean mercury would behave as lord of 6th house and 10th house, while Saturn would behave as lord of 1st and 5th house or would Mercury and Saturn both share responsibilities of 1, 5, 6 and 10th house and you would see the impact on all four houses during both dasas.

No Mercury will remain lord of 1 and 10 but will manifest strong results of 6th bhaav in its dasas. Does and rule apply when looking at planet placement and houses they rule without parivartan. Thanks for sharing knowledge and replying to queries. In last 3 or 4 days since I started reading your articles and comments I have improved my knowledge. I have following query: For Capricorn Lagna, Jupiter lord of 3rd and 12th house a Functional malefic is in 6thouse Gemini alone in punarvasu Nakshatra.

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I believe its a Viprit Raaj yoga. Dasha starting from Oct What I should expect in its antar dasha. Is it right a natural benefic Jupiter even if FM but sitting alone does not give bad result? Jupiter will give results as per its placement. If sitting in a trine the results will depend on the strength of trine lord.

Jupiter in lagna debilitated. Just want to point out that, with regards to functional nature, BPHS does not take into consideration the relationship between the asc lord and the other planet. Kindly let me know.. BPHS is the father of jyotish and should always be read and taken seriously.

I dont think that Jupiter is a malefic for capricorn for example. I think it acts as per its placement and impact on it. Many Yogas mentioned in classics will have mercury and venus opposite to each other or in 4th to each other or sun and mercury in 3rd houses from each other — things which can not happen in real life astronomy as venus and mercury are never more than 77 degrees apart and sun and mercury are never more than 28 degrees apart etc.