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  1. What Does Your Birth Month Bird Say About You?
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  3. What Does Your Birth Month Bird Say About You?
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Most commonly monumental hieroglyphocal texts describe:. The epigrapher David Stuart writes about the differences in content between the monumental hieroglyphical texts of Yaxchilan and those of Copan:.

Most codices date from the colonial era, with only a few surviving from the prehispanic era. A number of Precolumbian codices written on amate paper with gesso coating remain today. Some common household objects of ceramics or bone and adornments of jade have been found with inscriptions. For example, drinking vessels with the inscription saying "The Cacao drinking cup of X" or similar. The largest part of the Mesoamerican literature today known has been fixed in writing after the Spanish conquest. Both Europeans and Mayans began writing down local oral tradition using the Latin alphabet to write in indigenous languages shortly after the conquest.

Many of those Europeans were friars and priests who in trying to convert the natives to Christianity. They translated Catholic catechisms and confessional manuals and acquired a good grasp of the indigenous languages and often even composed grammars and dictionaries of the indigenous languages.

What Does Your Birth Month Bird Say About You?

These early grammars of native languages systematized the reading and writing of indigenous languages in their own time and help us understand them today. The most widely known early grammars and dictionaries are of the Aztec language, Nahuatl. But also Mayan and other Mesoamerican languages have early grammars and dictionaries, some of very high quality.

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The introduction of the Latin alphabet and the elaboration of conventions for writing indigenous languages allowed for the subsequent creation of a wide range of texts. And indigenous writers took advantage of the new techniques to document their own history and tradition in the new writing, while monks kept on extending literacy in the indigenous population. This tradition lasted only a few centuries however and due to royal decrees about Spanish being the only language of the Spanish empire by the mids most indigenous languages were left without a living tradition for writing.

Oral literature, however, kept being transmitted to this day in many indigenous languages and began to be collected by ethnologists in the beginnings of the 20th century, however without promoting native language literacy in the communities in which they worked. It is an important and extremely difficult job in the Mesoamerica of today, and what that is only beginning to be undertaken, to return native language literacy to the indigenous peoples.

But during the first post-conquest centuries a large number of texts in indigenous Mesoamerican languages were generated. Many of the post-conquest texts are historical accounts, either in the form of annals recounting year by year the events of a people or city-state often based on pictorial documents or oral accounts of aged community members. But also sometimes personalized literary accounts of the life of a people or state and almost always incorporating both mythical material and actual history.

There was no formal distinction between the two in Mesoamerica. Sometimes as in the case of the Mayan Chilam Balam books historical accounts also incorporated prophetical material, a kind of history in advance. The post-conquest situation of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica also required them to learn to navigate in a complex new administrative system.

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In order to obtain any kinds of favorable positions pleas and petitions had to be made to the new authorities and land possessions and heritages had to be proven. This resulted in a large corpus of administrative literature in indigenous languages, because documents were often written in the native language first and later translated into Spanish. In the late sixteenth-century the Spanish crown sought systematic information about indigenous settlements now part of the Spanish Empire.

A questionnaire was drawn up and local Spanish officials gathered information from the indigenous towns under their administration, using local elites as their informants. You will take charge and bring order out of chaos, be it a great emergency or simply getting everyone to school on time. No to-do list is too much for you. You will call the troops to action!

Your listening skills are second to none. Total strangers will often find themselves telling their life story to you.

Highly trustworthy, you will keep your sensitive information a complete secret. You are also able to offer patient, heartfelt advice to lift spirits or nudge others in the right direction. You not only enjoy meeting new people, but somehow make new people enjoy meeting you. You are known to be extremely generous, offering assistance to anyone in need.

With your generosity extending beyond only close friends, your are happy to help everyone you come in contact with.


What Does Your Birth Month Bird Say About You?

You are the hero of your own tale! This strong blend of heroism and humility makes you much admired both at home and at work. People rely on you and their trust is not misplaced. This birth month bird is the fixer!

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  6. You always have the answer. You love to help and can get a solution to any problem in record time.

    6 astrology social media accounts you need to follow

    You love being right, and you usually are. Everyone looks to you first when they are facing a tough situation, or just need a good piece of advice. You also have great recipes! Copyright SuperstitionsOf - All rights reserved. Philippines Beliefs and Superstitions Philippines Superstitious Beliefs on Good Luck When you see the first star in the evening, you wish something nice.

    It is a good sign if you have big ears, because you will have a long life. All odd numbers are lucky numbers, especially number 7. You'll have luck if, the snake cross your path. You'll have luck if, someone gifts to you a jade stone. You'll have luck in business if, someone gifts to you a diamond. Pearls on the dress brings tears. Bad luck is when the picture falls from a wall. Do not break the mirror, because you will be unhappy. Do not tell jokes about saints. Do not throw the stone at night. Do not play at night, it brings misfortune.