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March 13 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

This is obviously a row of wealth, luck and travel, and carries information about the character that is ready to learn and teach what they learned along the way. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 13th of a leap year, and two years following it:. We see that two Sabian symbols for this date stand as a powerful message of materialization. This is the point where one is to learn what is given to them, incorporate it in their hearts and see where the will of the Universe lies.

Considering their planetary row, people born on this date obviously tend to leave planet Earth to wander around their world of fiction, philosophy and overthinking, and need to find their connection to the core of our planet to manifest their vision inside the material world they live in. When we think about it, this entire date speaks of oppositions that stand together.

On one hand, we have a feminine date when the Sun is in the feminine sign of Pisces, standing in sync with masculine archetypes in their planetary row. On the other, we may notice that their entire row of numbers comes down to number 7 and with it — Uranus, as their purpose and main gravity in this lifetime.

Planetary Row

This should stay in sync with their powerful need for grounding and manifestation. Their purpose is shown through revolution of Uranus and its ways of liberation, but needs to be seen as their way to mend opposing entities and find peace within relationships they nurture in life. This is a somewhat emotionally strange time of the year, for it gives enormous opportunities for emotion, just like all other things, but keeps these individuals distant from other people. They could have some trouble connecting to another Soul and another human being, mostly because they can always see one step ahead of others and give in to expectations rather than giving someone a chance to be truly met and touched.

Most often, they simply need time to come close to those they have something to learn from, those who share their philosophy and people who have something to share. However powerful or important their romantic bonds may be, they could abruptly come to their end if something throws a March 13th born off their course.

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With their moral standards set pretty high, they will rarely give in to adultery and in most cases simply get lost in obligations, other relationships, organization of time, or new adventures and experiences their partner doesn't want to share. It is imperative for them to find someone to travel with, someone who will share their road in life, however long their relationships might last.

However, they will not stay around needy individuals that feed of their energy for very long, and must remain on some sort of distance to feel like they have enough space to move. People born on March 13th excel at teaching and learning, both the same, and easily become travel writers, preachers, or teachers. They are in constant search for direction, and this makes them very good in giving positive and constructive advice on where one should go in their lifetime.

Filled with a need for constant giving and new experiences, they will be one of the most powerful benefactors in the calendar if they only get a chance to be. Blue anatase is a fine stone for a person born on March 13th. Its depth helps them find meaning in their own world and their true personality, while at the same time giving them the confidence to shine. It is a stone that helps move on from one point in time, look forwards to the future, and return the optimism to one's heart when too many disappointments took over their life force. It will support these individuals to see and recognize exactly who they are with love.

A map of the world, a globe, or a plane ticket stand for the best choices of presents for those born on the 13th of March, especially when followed by appropriate information about all things they wish to learn. Follow your heart, and use your skills to excel. Look over contracts and agreements. LEO July Aug. Slow down and consider the best route to take before you react. Inconsistent or unpredictable behavior will not help you keep the peace or get what you want. Someone is likely to embellish the facts. A change should be carefully considered, especially if it will affect your health or disrupt a relationship with someone close to you.

Trust facts and use common sense when it comes to your health and well-being.

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Put your efforts into peace and harmony, not friction and chaos. Precision is key. Do your best to avoid getting into a scuffle with someone close to you.

March Zodiac Sign

Listen attentively and offer suggestions that will appease you as well as others. Trust in yourself, not information you get secondhand. Put more energy into looking your best and taking better care of your health. Spin an unexpected turn of events into an opportunity. You can get good results without going overboard or over the budget.

An unexpected opportunity can turn into extra cash.

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Allocate your time and energy wisely. Select your options carefully. Follow the most conservative path to eliminate getting in over your head emotionally, physically and financially. Birthday Baby: You are sensitive, innovative and flirtatious. You are insightful and proactive.